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Guild line: Guildcountry:
Leader: Kaysha
CoLeader: Azrial
Ambassador: someone who drink too much beer : Azrial
Treasurer: someone who spent alot : Kaysha
Area: Joan
Position: 779,78
Smith: Weaponsmith
Smelter: White Gold Alch.
Infos: Contact:
Server: Corum
Empire: Chunjo Flag yellow.png
Homepage: Still no entry.
Forum: Still no entry.
Mumble: Still no entry.
Ventrilo: Still no entry.
TeamSpeak: Let's play

Mesopotamia.jpg Bishes.jpg Azrial.jpg Miss it.jpg Missing old friends Eninja.jpg Eninja , Moonlord

< Metin2Wiki < Mesopotamia

Winner of olympics 14.09.2008..... PS: 183 observers Destiny vs Mesopotamia part 1 Destiny vs Mesopotamia part 2 Party in grotto rofl Last time I enter and fight with bishes

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