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((Interwiki | de = | s = | dk = | = nl | it = | = cz | ru = | fr = es | = | pl = Poziom | tr = | g =)) In addition to the Level of a monster, the stage is crucial for its strength. The stage is not only the defense strength of the enemy, but also the ability of its TP regeneration.
Therefore, a level 50 monster level 4 is stronger than one with a Level 70 and Level 1

Level 1[edit]

Monster of the 'Step 1' is relatively weak. They are found mostly at the beginning of a card. However, one should not underestimate these monsters (For example, one should not level 65 attack monsters at level 1, if one is) on my own first level 30th

Level 2[edit]

In 'Step 2' they are a little stronger, but still easily beatable.

Level 3[edit]

The 'Step 3', it is even more critical because you can clearly notice that the enemies do more damage, and endurance.

Level 4[edit]

'Step 4' can be called really getting a mini boss. Often, these monsters leaders, such as Chuong, or monster, which a drop for a quest, a necessary item, such] as the [[Dark tormentors | Dark tormentors].

Level 5[edit]

Monster with the 'Level 5' have the second highest rank, in addition to the Bosses. The Metinsteine, because of their "defensive strength" will be classified as a boss.

Stage == Boss == The 'Level Boss' is now the highest level. Some bosses drop, if the level difference is not too large, a so-called container (examples are Nine tail freezer, King Flame chest or King Spiders chest). NPC at the stage boss must be destroyed very difficult to say, a Brutal Captain is also e.g. for level 50 players with a pretty tough opponent.
Most of the monsters on the level boss attack by itself. For players whose level is equal to or below that of a boss, is therefore the following tip: Either one puts together a group to do the opponents - or you simply ran away.

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