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Sun Strong Body.jpg
General Data
Nickname: Sun
Location: The Netherlands
Gender: Male
Date of Birth 19th March 1986
Ingame Data
IGN: Sun
Server: Corum UK
Character: Mental Fight Warrior
Level: 95
Guild: Vanguard (Leader)
Married To: Vartouhi (25 May 2010)
Favorite Emoticon:
Game Forge
ex-Metin 2 UK Board Administrator
ex-Metin 2 UK Wiki Administrator
ex-Metin 2 US Board Administrator
ex-Bitefight IR Board Administrator


Sun (May 31st 2007 - present), formerly known as Sun Guru is a Metin 2 UK player, former Metin 2 UK Moderator, former Metin 2 UK Super Moderator, former Bite Fight Iran Board Administrator, former Metin 2 UK Board Administrator and former Metin 2 US Board Administrator.

Sun, is a former player on Metin 2 UK. Besides having been a player, Sun is also a highly active member of the Metin 2 UK forum where he ranks number 2 in Post Count[1] The name Sun Guru itself has been derived from one of Sun's interests, which is the world of metaphysics. Through his Yoga classes he has been fond of the sun God raa. From that his former nickname Sun Guru stems. [2]

Early Life[edit]

Sun started to play Metin 2 on the advice of an old friend. This has reportedly been Sun's first MMORPG although there have been reports of him expressing his joy at playing console based games in his spare time. The exact date of him started to play is not known exactly but we can speculate that it was sometime before the 31st of May 2007 since that is when he registered his board name. Sun played in closed beta under the name SunGuru and Sun86, both of which were Mental Fight warriors. Sun stopped playing somewhere in June of 2007 to prepare for his exams and started again after closed beta around August 28th 2007. All of his characters originated in the red kingdom, Shinsoo.

Out goes the Guru[edit]

Sun was previously known as Sun Guru. This was the nickname he had since 2007 when he registered on the Metin 2 UK Forum. What has eluded him since then is that forumers prefer referring to him as being Sun instead of Sun Guru, thus omitting the "guru" from his name. Reportedly he was planning on a name change for a very long time, but never really was convinced that this was the right move. On the 14th of April 2011 Sun finally took the plunge and officially changed his name to simply Sun and made it a public statement [3]We don't know what made him finally change his mind. We can only speculate that it was him winning the Holder of the Sacred Words in 2011, but we cannot know for sure.


Sun has married 4 times as of may 2010. His first wife was a Healer Shaman called Genius. This marriage ended abruptly when Genius decided to divorce Sun with her reasoning being "to protect you". This was referring to all the players who were killing Genius just so that Sun can teleport to pwn their asses. Sun's second marriage was to a Dragon Shaman called Shoji. With Shoji not playing that often anymore and with Sun in a desperate need of a wife, Sun asked Shoji if he can marry her char. The marriage was agreed upon and they lived happily ever after...NOT! When Sun decided to leave IRIS guild, Shoji thought it wouldn't be a good idea anymore to share accounts, thus giving Sun the divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences. After a short search, and being the stallion that Sun truly is, he proposed to another dragon shaman called JadedOne, which he married on the 26 of August 2009. This marriage lasted until the 16th of April 2010 when JadedOne filed for divorce at the local district court citing irreconcilable differences. After a dramatic legal battle in the local courts for properties repartition, the case has been settled out of court. The marriage was dissolved on the 24th of May 2010. Sources are citing that the divorce was settled amicably and that there are no lasting resentment between the two characters.

On the 25th of May 2010 Sun has remarried his current and 4th wife, Vartouhi. This is a major turn of events for Sun. All his previous wives were real players, thus not being considered as being buffbots. Reportedly Sun payed 500.000.000 yangs for his current wife and is the first time that Sun had a buff bot for a wife. They remain happily married until Sun starts having an identity crisis.

In-Game Career[edit]

Sun has notably and officially been in 2 guilds only, namely IRIS and Vanguard. Unofficially he has been in EXOTIC, Aurora and ACCCHMED.
Aurora and ACCCHMED were noob warring guilds (since no one accepted a war with IRIS) and EXOTIC was a mistake. ACCCHMED was a spoof warring guild created by Sun and DarkLord based on the popular puppet, ACHMED the Dead Terrorist.

IRIS Age[edit]

When Sun started playing Metin 2 UK again in the summer of 2007, he was recruited by then top Shinsoo guild IRIS. As the guild rules stated, he needed to wait until he is level 40 to join the guild, but reportedly got in at lvl 36 due to his "being committed to this guild and general desire of wanting to be part of a prestigious guild". Template:Citation needed
IRIS Forum exert of G Strong Body

Sun has remained in IRIS for the better part of his Metin 2 experience, being one of the 2 guilds he has been in. His involvement and commitment with IRIS has been so strong, that he pretty much became a synonym for the Guild. Due to this commitment, Sun became co-leader of IRIS on the 11th of July 2008. Together with i8ul8r (leader) and Shoji (co-leader)he managed the guild and its members striving for diplomacy between kingdoms and within his own kingdom, Shinsoo. Notable achievements during this time was Sun achieving his Grand Master Strong Body on the 12th of March 2008. To cement the memory of IRIS, Sun has made the official IRIS Introduction video shortly before leaving that guild.

The dawn of Vanguard[edit]

Wolfrage accepted for Vanguard
Vanguard Sign

On August 26th 2009, Sun decided to start his own guild.[4] This came to be known as Vanguard. The name was coined after the leader(Sun) and co-leader(shelk)character class, Mental Warrior, is based on the ability to defend, "Guard". Vanguard guild was created out of IRIS. Mainly IRIS members have followed Sun to this new guild with Wolfrage being the first non-IRIS member to join Vanguard. Sun has based Vanguard on the same principles as IRIS, being a guild of friends. The slogan of Vanguard is: It's not about the character, but the player behind the character.

Out of IRIS conspiracies[edit]

Declaration of Independence

When Sun decided to leave IRIS, many were speculating on the nature of his decision. Amongst the many reasons was also a power struggle within IRIS itself. Sun itself has categorically denied these reasons and gave as a reason that "It was simply time for a new start."[5]Even though the real reason why Sun has decided to leave IRIS and establish his own guild may never be entirely understood some answers can be derived from his Declaration of Independence in which he states: I think that I am grown up now and I would like to start a new chapter in my Metin 2 experience but never forgetting what I have learned from those I started with.


Sun retired

After over 3 years playing, Sun has officially retired from MMORPG Metin 2 UK server in the summer of 2010. This was never made public though and was only acknowledged to his guild members on the 9th of February 2011 through a post written on his guild forum. If Sun will ever start playing again, there is no known answer.


During Sun's career at Metin 2 UK he has received the following awards:

  • 2008 Holder of the Sacred Words (Best Mod Team Member)
  • 2009 High Adviser (Most helpful board user)
  • 2009 Spartacus the Titan (Best ingame Male Mental Warrior
  • 2011 Holder of the Sacred Words (Best Board Team Member)
  • 2011 Chief Sage (Most knowledgeable Board user)

Sun as a Gameforge Teamler[edit]

Metin 2 UK Team[edit]

Late January of 2008 Sun was contacted by Metin 2 UK Board Administrator Fen to discuss the possible merger of him with the Moderation team of Metin 2 UK. Though there was some hesitations at first, Sun finally accepted to become a part of the Metin 2 UK team. This was made official on the 23rd of January of 2008 [6]. Sun is known as a very opinionated member, which has landed him multiple times in hot waters. Even so, it is one of his most striking characteristics. As a moderator he ruled with an iron fist with the sole intentions of keeping peace on the Metin 2 UK forum. Through his hard work and dedication for the Metin 2 UK Board, Sun has been promoted to Super Moderator on the 23rd of August 2008 [7]. He remained so until the 21st of January 2009, when he has been savagely beheaded by then CoMa Exxo.

Since the 15th of May 2009, Sun is back again as a Moderator on Metin 2 UK where he has been welcomed with open arms by the members of the respective community.[8]

On the 4th of June 2009 Sun has been re-promoted to Super Moderator on Metin 2 UK [9]. As of 20th of October 2009 he is serving as Board Administrator on the server of Metin 2 [10].

Metin 2 US Team[edit]

With a new English speaking server opening, Sun took the opportunity to apply for that community. It was to his great delight that he got accepted and was initially added as Moderator on that community. The next day of this happening, Sun got promoted to Super Moderator on that community. Sun was functioning as Super Moderator of Metin 2 US since the 9th of April 2010. [11] As of the 21st of May 2010 Sun is functioning as Board Administrator of the Metin 2 US server.

Sun's retirement[edit]

On the 13th of September 2011 Sun has announced that he is retiring from both Metin 2 UK and Metin 2 US and also as a teamler for Gameforge in general. [12]

Forum Life[edit]



Memorable Post From Sun[edit]

Memorable quotes about Sun[edit]

(IRC -

<Sun> Happy Aprils Fools Day :D
<Chaos_Zero> hahaha
<Chaos_Zero> xD
<eccy|DND> looooooooooooooooooooooool
<Chaos_Zero> poor prox
<eccy|DND> he'll gline you now
<eccy|DND> :x
<Prox> ?tb sun 1m haha !
* OpServ removes channel operator status from Sun
* OpServ sets ban on *!*@Sun.boardadmin.Metin2Uk
* ChanServ has kicked Sun from ((Prox) haha !)
<eccy|DND> XD
<Chaos_Zero> lol
<metznblitz> lol
<Wraith02> owned <_<
<metznblitz> poor Sun XD
<MissAli> omg rofl

btw Sun might be an egotistical asshole but he's not corrupt.[13]


Sun is known to have landed himself in multiple controversies. Over the years he had multiple rivalries with some of them being well documented on the forum. Unmistakably some of these rivalries happened within the team, but until this day we can only speculate since Sun has sworn upon his DPA.

The Other Side was also a forum controversy and dated just before he became a Moderator. Sun made a thread about then Team Members GA Kerr, GA CrystalFlame and SGM Aelous power abusing. That thread single handedly outranked all other threads made in the DGGN Forum (Metin 2 Reporters Forum). The article included the immense Power Abuse by these three figures in organizing private parties for their respective in-game guilds. The screenies posted clearly showed China guild getting DT boss spawns. It is from this article that Sun's forum rivalry with Rajneesh started. Since then DGGN has been removed and that article still remains somewhere hidden on the forum...its effects still lingers upon the board.

Another controversy has been the hacking of Sun on the 21st of January by figures including Rajneesh. Although not much has been lost during this ordeal, Sun has previously stated that he has learned a lot from this experience. Reports claim that the hackers broke into his email and send his then CoMa Exxo an email with questionable content. This has sparked a row of events which ended up with Sun being axed from the team.

Stemming from Sun's forced departure from the team, he has openly engaged in fierce criticism towards the former administration under the leadership of CoMa Exxo, TM Doxa, TM Gump and GA SueLee. An example of this was the public humiliation brought upon this administration with a post where Sun wanted to charge them with "Virtual Genocide" [14] Although Sun never breached any forum rules he has been, yet again, decapitated by the administration for expressing his opinion towards the administration. This lead to his board account being banned. Since Sun (and many others) saw this as an act of - silencing - he has embarked on a journey to clear his name. With the help of many who knew him and who believed in him Sun finally managed to come back.


2009 has reportedly been an epic year for Sun. Having been hacked, fired, rehired and promoted were only among others things that happened to Sun during 2009. Those close to Sun reported that when he got fired, among all the other staff that were fired as well, he embarked on an epic journey together with those fighting for justice. This journey involved players from all 3 kingdoms uniting for justice to be served. Reportedly, this journey lead them up to Game Forge itself. The result of this journey was the banishment of the Doxa/Gump Administration and the subsequent resurrection of (later under a new leadership by Wraith02 and new promoted Team Manager Jona.


The year 2010 saw a big change for Sun, namely the retirement of his in-game character Sun. There were some rumors that he would also be putting to rest his BA responsibilities on both UK and US servers of Metin 2. Reportedly he has decided to stay on as BA of both communities. 2010 also saw changes in the Metin 2 UK server community management. Sun welcomed the change although never forgetting the deal that Wraith02 meant for the server recovering from the digital genocide suffered from the previous administration.

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