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With the implementation of the Costume System, several costumes have been implemented in game over time, some are available through item-shop, others from drops in game.

Types of Costumes[edit]

  • Summer 2015 Costumes Cobra Outfit.png
Cobra Outfit

  • World Cup 2014 Costumes ALG W. Cup Kit.pngARG W. Cup Kit.pngAUS W. Cup Kit.pngBEL W. Cup Kit.pngBIH W. Cup Kit.pngBRA W. Cup Kit.pngCMR W. Cup Kit.pngCHI W. Cup Kit.pngCOL W. Cup Kit.pngCRC W. Cup Kit.pngCIV W. Cup Kit.pngCRO W. Cup Kit.pngECU W. Cup Kit.pngENG W. Cup Kit.pngFRA W. Cup Kit.pngGER W. Cup Kit.pngGHA W. Cup Kit.pngGRE W. Cup Kit.pngHON W. Cup Kit.pngIRN W. Cup Kit.pngITA W. Cup Kit.pngJPN W. Cup Kit.pngKOR W. Cup Kit.pngMEX W. Cup Kit.pngNED W. Cup Kit.pngNGA W. Cup Kit.pngPOR W. Cup Kit.pngRUS W. Cup Kit.pngESP W. Cup Kit.pngSUI W. Cup Kit.pngURU W. Cup Kit.pngUSA W. Cup Kit.png

Boxing, Football, Fencing

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