Underworld Yeti

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Deathreaper22.png Level 84 Underworld Yeti Deathreaper22.png
Infos: Area:

Stage: 3
Effective bonus*: Still no entry.
Basic-EXP: ??
Attackvalue: Still no entry.

Grotto of Exile


Broad Sword, [Copper Bell]], Empty Bottle, Fan, Flying Wizard Sword, Gold Treasure Box, Ice Marble, Ice Marble +, Poly Marble, [[[Rib Knife]], [Salvation Blade]], Spirit Stone Scroll, Rotten Wooden Box, Yeti Fur.

  • Level 1 weapons drop at +8 or +9
  • Can slow down opponents.
*Effective bonus: a bonus, which can be on certain equipment, works against monsters of a certain kind (the "Strong against _____" bonuses).

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