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Ninjas are professional killers who are able ambush you at any time. To allow this mobility and quickness, they carry only only light and protective equipment. Only the rarest minds and bodies can survive the brutal training needed to become a Ninja. their great skills can quickly change the tide of a battle.

According to specialization the Ninjas are masters in the use of daggers and bows.


Starting Stats:
VIT: 3 - INT: 3
STR: 4 - DEX: 6
HP: 770 - MP: 260

Bow-Ninja skill (Suggestion):
VIT: e.g. 50
INT: (Default)
STR: (Default)
DEX: VIT - 10 = e.g. 40

Blade-Ninja skill (Suggestion):
VIT: e.g. 60
INT: (Default)
STR: (Default)
DEX: VIT + 10 = e.g. 70


Players can choose from the Blade-Fight Force" or the "Archery Force" subclass after they reach lvl 5:
Blade-Fight Force skills focus primarily on stealth and precise melee attacks.
Archery Force skills focus primarily in range attacks using a bow.

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